'PROP': Republican Tim Scott Responds Perfectly To Liberal Blogger's Racial Attack

On Wednesday, Sen. Tim Scott was attacked by a Huffington Post contributor for essentially being black while Republican.

For simply giving remarks at the White House on the newly-passed tax reform bill (to which he heavily contributed), Sen. Scott was accused by Huffington Post contributor Andy Ostroy of being President Donald Trump's "manipulated prop" due to his black skin.

"What a shocker," wrote Ostroy in a tweet. "There's ONE black person there and sure enough they have him standing right next to the mic like a manipulated prop."

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. Liberals often target Mr. Scott on the basis of his skin color. In February, the senator read off some of the most vile, racist attacks he's received from the Left on the Senate floor.

"If you sign up to be a black conservative, the chances are very high you will be attacked," Scott said in a powerful speech addressing the racism directed at him. "It comes with the territory, and I’ve had it for 20 years, two decades, but my friends and my staff, they’re not used to the level of animus that comes in from the liberal left that suggests that I somehow am not helpful to the cause of liberal America and therefore I am not helpful to black America."

This time was no different. Class-act Scott slapped down Ostroy's race-baiting with a sarcastic reply. "Uh probably because I helped write the bill for the past year, have multiple provisions included, got multiple Senators on board over the last week and have worked on tax reform my entire time in Congress," he wrote via Twitter.

This prompted the blogger to delete the nasty tweet.

Ostroy, who brags about being "blocked" by President Trump and his children in his Twitter bio, eventually mustered up an apology to Mr. Scott: "[E]arlier I tweeted something that I now agree was unfair," he wrote. "Senator, I regret that tweet & apologize for it. There were many other ways I should’ve and could’ve made my point."

National Review's Charles S. W. Cooke followed up by asking Mr. Ostroy what most of us are thinking: What exactly was his "point"?

"Go on then," wrote Cooke. "Make your point as to why it’s bad for a black person to be in the shot during a press conference for a tax law he helped design in one of the many other ways."

We have yet to hear a response from the liberal blogger.

Go figure.

WATCH Scott's remarks on tax reform below:

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