SO MUCH WINNING: House Passes Massive Tax Cut, Senate On Brink

On Tuesday afternoon, The House of Representatives passed the first meaningful tax cut bill in over three decades.

The usual suspects showed up to decry the bill as a tax cut for their two favorite targets, wealthy Americans and businesses.

Pelosi’s hyperbolic and misguided statement was immediately challenged.

As Benson wrote at Townhall on Tuesday morning, before the vote:

Throughout this debate, we've shared data-driven analyses from three separate nonpartisan organizations: The Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), which is an official Congressional scorekeeper, the Tax Foundation (which leans to the right), and the Tax Policy Center or TPC, (which leans to the left). In spite of the deceptive rhetoric flying around social media and the airwaves, all three outfits agreed that the GOP proposal would, on average, reduce the tax burdens of every income group in America. We've showcased the TPC findings because that group is typically home to Democrats' preferred experts. Well, TPC is out with their fresh analysis of the finalized tax bill, and guess what? As we've been saying for weeks, it will slash taxes for the vast, vast majority of American taxpayers:

Even the left-leaning Brookings Institution admitted:

As Avik Roy pointed out, the tax cut bill has been open for debate for months.

And now, for the next huge step that will finalize the deal:


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