The Real Person Of The Year

While it is undeniable that the #MeToo revolution has made a tremendous impact, there is another phenomenon that has stunned the country and will be remembered for all who lived it.

This was the year that Social Justice Warriors (SJW) fully embraced fascism.

As Andrew Klavan once said it:

The logic of fascism is this: "Your X constitute[s] an act of violence, so I'm justified in using violence against you." For X, you can fill in just about anything except actual violence. Some of the more popular choices are: "Words; Opinions; Positions; Race; Presence; Borders; Jewishness." Once you equate any of these things — anything — with violence, once you feel justified in committing violence in response, your actual positions no longer matter. You're a thug. You're a fascist. You're a tyrant, petty or otherwise.

This has put the Left in a quandary: do they condemn their own? Do they encourage civil dialogue and risk being accused of insufficient militancy?

Many of the leading voices of the Left choose to answer those questions in the negative. But there was a young social justice activist that did take a stand against SJW fascism. Her name is Laci Green.

Laci could claim to be one of the founders of online SJW feminism. For years she pursued social justice activism with a vengeance. But earlier this year, she came up with a revolutionary idea: the two ideological sides should actually reach out and talk to each other.

As always happens when a person on the Left breaks — no matter how slightly — with the party line, Laci lost all of her friends. The years of advocacy she put in for feminism, gay rights, trans rights, etc., were suddenly forgotten, and she was now castigated as racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, etc.

While her story is not new, it is one of the most dramatic and one of the first in the Trump era. Laci's journey is not over, as she has made new friends and is rebuilding her platform as a liberal outside the echo chamber — willing to listen and debate with people outside the SJW mob.

The Laci Green story is a sign of our times, and for this reason she deserves to have been Time magazine's Person of the Year.


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