Twitter Reacts To ‘Pitless Avocados,’ And It’s Everything You Want It To Be

Have you ever heard of "avocado hand"? When people try to pit avocados, they sometimes slip, and slice their hands open. It’s truly awful, and the injuries occur more often than one would think because apparently no one has ever thought to use a dull spoon instead of a razor sharp cutting device to pit their avocados.

Now, have you ever heard of pitless avocados? The fruit has existed since 1910, according to Insider, but Marks & Spencer, a U.K. outlet, has apparently decided that "avocado hand" is such a serious issue that they’ve begun selling the zucchini-like avocados while supplies last.

Here’s what they look like:

The news of pitless avocados delighted social media because who doesn’t like to mock ridiculous things, or make a good "avocado hand" joke? Here are the best twitter responses to the pitless avocado revolution:

​Now go, ye gentle souls, into the stores of grocery to purchase your pitless avocado, and stab your hands no more!


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