Sally Kohn Trumpets Voting For All Black Women. Shapiro Smacks Her Down With One Tweet.

On Friday, the inestimably-gifted and omniscient CNN pundit Sally Kohn decided to trumpet the idea of electing black women to office, presumably at the expense of any other candidate who is not a black woman. Kohn's effort earned her a riposte from Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro that illuminated the extent to which Kohn's remark could be interpreted as racist.

Kohn grandly tweeted this:

Nine minutes later, Shapiro fired back:

Spencer, of course, is a well-known white nationalist whose views would be precisely the opposite of what Kohn would champion.

Shapiro's retort was enjoyed from one coast to the other. From California:

To North Carolina:

And there were others:

Not to mention conservatives who also took Kohn to the woodshed:

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