Suburban LA Mom Busted For Running Multi-Million Dollar Pot Business

On Wednesday, San Bernardino, California police busted a major drug lord, and it isn't what you'd expect: the drug lord turned out to be a drug queen who is a suburban mom living in upper-class Pacific Palisades, near the Pacific Ocean.

Police found the operation was run by Stephanie Smith, 43, who was raking in millions of dollars every month. Police discovered over 24,000 plants in multiple buildings using an advanced drip-irrigation system; they were confiscated by San Bernardino police and federal officials.

Police said they were tipped off months ago that the pot was being grown inside an empty building; they investigated and found the "empty building" had an electric bill of $67,000. Ironically, one of the warehouses was on the same block as a San Bernardino police headquarters entrance, fortified with concrete block walls, gates and armed security guards.

According to police, Smith was not authorized to grow the amount of marijuana she was cultivating. Lt. Mike Madden of the San Bernardino police, said, “This is the largest single grow that I’ve ever seen for an indoor operation. There’s just floors with multiple rooms with plants. ... It’s a very, very sophisticated operation.”

According to CBS Los Angeles, "Smith was reportedly questioned Tuesday, but was not arrested. It is unclear whether she will be arrested. If charges are filed, she faces a misdemeanor, jail time and a fine at the state level.

Police said the pot will be burned.

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