HORRIFIC: Journalist Accuses Trump Jr. Of Abusing Women . . . At Age Three

"Today’s for you, Anna."

We now live in an age where sins you commit before you're even old enough to ride a tricycle could come back to haunt you.

According to reporter Virginia Heffernan, former staffer for Politico and The New York Times (and now host of the "TrumpCast" podcast), Donald Trump Jr. has a rap sheet of abusing women, beginning at age three when he said to a teacher, "F**k you, b**ch!"

The bombshell revelation of Trump Jr.'s scandalizing behavior at an age when most children are obedient saints comes as a shock to us all. Heffernan's brave expose of America's First Son came in response to a tweet from Bloomerg’s Steven Dennis that taunted Trump Jr. over his “slick” hair:

Worse still, Trump Jr.'s abusive behavior scarred the teacher to the point she quit teaching altogether. Heffernan did clarify the revelation was not intended as a #MeToo.

The Twitterverse then began echoing with cries of solidarity over Anna's horrific abuse at the hands of a tyke, saying it highlights how the ultra-rich exploit the poor and allow their children to run roughshod over people:

Others quickly resorted to mockery:


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