SHOCK: Moore LOSES, Democrat Jones Takes Alabama Senate Seat

In an epic election upset, Democrat Doug Jones defeated embattled Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore in a hotly-contested special election to fill the abandoned seat of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions won his last election without opposition, taking 95% of the vote; Republican Donald Trump won the state in 2016 by 27% over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Moore somehow lost the state.

He lost the vote with approximately 48.6% to Jones’ 49.7%; write-in candidates amounted to some 1.7% of the vote. Clearly, a huge number of Republican voters stayed home, unwilling to get out and vote for a credibly accused child molester. Despite President Trump’s final push for Moore, and despite Breitbart News’ Steve Bannon attempting to use his outlets’ resources to discredit Moore’s accusers, then rallying for Moore while bashing Mitt Romney and “establishment” Republicans.

President Trump responded to the race on Twitter:

Jones tweeted, “Thank you ALABAMA!”

Moore has yet to take the stage.

The exit polls showed a significantly higher percentage of black voters than would have been expected in a special election like this — blacks made up some 30% of the electorate, more than showed up for Barack Obama in 2012. Just 41% of voters said they had a favorable impression of Moore.

This race was a lock for Republicans, until primary voters chose Moore, news broke of Moore’s alleged sexual abuses, and Moore and his supporters refused to allow Moore to step down. Now a pro-abortion senator will join the Democrats in the Senate — all so that the “establishment” could be shown a thing or two, when corrupt old Luther Strange or solidly conservative Mo Brooks would have walked away with the election and then voted for President Trump’s legislative priorities.

UPDATE: Moore has announced he isn't conceding, and will demand a recount.

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