Olympics Channel Profiles Trans Male Athlete's Ascent To Play In NCAA Women's Volleyball


Anyone out there still doubting whether or not the International Olympics Committee has a leftist agenda? Look no further than their channel's latest video profiling a trans male athlete's ascent to become a volleyball player for an NCAA women's team despite his biological sex.

Chloe Anderson is a biological male who presents himself as a woman. After "coming out" to his mom in high school, he began "transitioning" through hormone treatment, though he has not undergone any operations, meaning his body still produces testosterone, as evidenced by his deep voice. One shot even features the young male athlete shaving with an electric razor.

Though Chloe played volleyball in community college, he hoped to up his game by going on to play on an NCAA women's team. On his first applications, he openly identified as transgender. The rejections came swiftly, and Chloe felt that his transgenderism played a factor, though he admitted to not knowing this conclusively.

However, Chloe did eventually find an NCAA team that would take him on at UC Santa Cruz; arguably, the most left-wing university this side of Berkeley.

When it comes to any advantages his biological male sex may have over the ladies on his team, Chloe feels those are "myths" that have no scientific basis.

"The myth that transgender athletes, specifically transgender women, have an advantage in sports, I feel like it's kind of a fear, it's an unfounded scientific fear," he said.

By that measure, the spate of transgender males beating out their female competition in various sports must be nothing short of a miracle, if not, an incredible coincidence. Trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox really didn't give his female opponent a broken eye socket and severe concussion due to his biology, he earned it.

Yes, the IOC who just recently banned six players from Russia's women's hockey team for systematic doping, actually endorsed this opinion.

Chloe has now settled into his place on the UC Santa Cruz team where his teammates welcomed him (how could they not, given the immense advantage) as just another one of the gals from the start.

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