Bullied Student Keaton Jones' Mom Slammed As 'Racist' For Confederate Flag Photos, Posts

"This is Keaton Jones, he comes from a racist republican family"

That love affair was short-lived.

After an outpouring of sympathy for Keaton Jones, the little boy in that viral video lamenting about kids ruthlessly bullying him at school, a backlash is now gaining momentum in response to recently surfaced photos and posts indicating that Keaton's mother has an affection for the Confederate flag and a distaste for identity politics.

Within 72 hours of the video going viral, culminating in A-list celebrities offering a show of support from their Twitter pages and someone starting a GoFundMe page, some began looking a little closer at Kimberly Jones' Facebook page to see what they could find. Here are some of the results:

If that's not enough to send leftists abandoning their support of Keaton, below is another photo featuring the boy alongside the Confederate flag:

Before Kimberly Jones set her Facebook page to private, screenshots also revealed that she does not exactly dance to the tune of identity politics:

She also reportedly posted things that were critical of Colin Kaepernick and defended law enforcement in the face of the national anthem protests.

Everyone should be able to agree that no child deserves to be bullied, regardless of whatever political opinions their parents hold. Right? Apparently not. In response to the images and post, Jones and her "racist family" have been condemned online.

Here's how the The Root puts it: "Before you parade your child on social media, sobbing about being bullied, and then have celebrities rally behind you, you might want to clean up your own racist social media posts. That’s exactly what Keaton Jones’ mother, Kimberly Jones, didn’t do—and now her past Facebook posts are coming back to bite her in her racist ass."

Some on social media have expressed similar sentiments, though no celebrity has yet withdrawn their support:

A GoFundMe page set up by Joseph Lamb which raised $57,484 in support of Keaton has now been "paused." With news of the Confederate flag photos, some are now accusing the mom of using her son's bullying to get rich:

Some people also began putting forth unconfirmed rumors that Keaton said the "N-word" while at school and the kids beat on him to stop:

Despite the backlash, celebrities, including Jamelle Hill, have not withdrawn their support:

According to Deadline, Keaton Jones' Facebook video has since been taken down.


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