Longtime Hormonal Contraception Use Linked To Breast Cancer

38% increase over 10 years

Last week, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards insulted Catholics everywhere when she derided the scientifically proven practice of "Natural Family Planning" as an "insane" throwback to the superstitious "rhythm method." She made this statement at the same time studies had linked the birth control pill to increased risk of suicide.

Now, another study from The New England Journal of Medicine shows that longterm hormonal contraception — the kind that Planned Parenthood distributes and leftists wish to fund with tax dollars — ingested for as long as 10 years, increases the risk of breast cancer by 38%.

Speaking with CBS News, Dr. David Agus, a University of Southern California physician, explained the link between breast cancer and hormonal contraception.

“This is the first study that had shown intrauterine devices with hormones having association with breast cancer in large numbers,” he said. “With the lower dose of oral contraceptives, we thought there wouldn’t be as much of a risk as the higher dose but it turns out to be the same — about a 20 percent increase in breast cancer overall."

The risk for breast cancer increases by year. For the first year, the risk goes up 9%, and then up to 38% by the tenth year.

Dr. Marisa Weiss, the oncologist who founded breastcancer.org, told The New York Times that “a significant public health concern" could be in the works. The evidence also shows that lower doses of hormones still increase breast cancer. The NYT called it “a small but significant increase.”

“While a link had been established between birth control pills and breast cancer years ago, this study is the first to examine the risks associated with current formulations of birth control pills and devices in a large population,” wrote the New York Times. LifeSiteNews has more:

Pro-lifers have long maintained that hormonal contraception increases the risk of breast cancer. Other side effects of contraception include weight gain, blood clots, and depression.

This study examined Danish women who use contraception and compared them to those who don't. The country’s socialized healthcare system makes it easy for researchers to examine data like this.

The study showed that intrauterine devices that release hormones into a woman’s body also increase her risk for breast cancer.

The Canadian government has plans for a "contraceptive dump" on Africa in the works as part of a population control initiative. Pro-life activist Africa Obianuju Ekeocha tweeted that they should be “ready to pay for cancer treatments for African women too.”

The breast cancer behemoth Susan G. Komen foundation might want to rethink its relationship with Planned Parenthood, which does not perform mammograms, in light of these statistics.

For more information on "Natural Family Planning" (NFP) and why it is anything but insane, see here.

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