WATCH: The Latest Episode Of Steven Crowder’s ‘Change My Mind’ Deals With Gender Identity

On Tuesday, the team at Louder with Crowder uploaded the latest episode of "Change My Mind," a series in which Steven Crowder discusses various political and social issues with everyday people, challenging them to — you guessed it — change his mind.

Typically, Crowder sets up shop in a public place or on a university campus, sitting at a table, or holding a sign that states his belief, followed by the phrase: Change My Mind.

In this particular episode, the theme was: "There are Only Two Genders."

Over the course of the video, Crowder talks with three people, and is harassed by some onlookers. The exchanges are an incredibly fascinating, and sometimes frustrating look at how convoluted and emotionally driven the theory of gender expression and identity has become.

Take a look:


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