REPORT: Two Texas Democrats Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Urged To Resign

“Then he slowly looked me up and down, counted out more money, reached out his hand and said, ‘B***h, you want to f**k with me tonight?’”

Two-Texas state senators are being urged to resign after a new report released Wednesday night documented multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

Sen. Borris Miles (D-Houston) and Sen. Carlos Uresti (D-San Antonio) engaged in a pattern of inappropriate touches and comments toward women at the Texas State Capitol over a period of years, The Daily Beast reported.

The report documents allegations from multiple unnamed women who claim that they were forcibly kissed by the two Democrats and that they also experienced forms of sexual harassment.

One accuser, identified as Lauren, claimed that Miles offered her money in exchange for sexual intercourse in May 2013.

“You know how you have the roll of hundreds that you see on TV? It was like that,” Lauren said. “I said, ‘Hi Representative, how are you?’ Then he slowly looked me up and down, counted out more money, reached out his hand and said, ‘B****h, you want to f**k with me tonight?’”

Lauren recalled rejecting the Democratic state senator’s offer as she stepped back while his intern hinted to him that it was time to go.

“Everyone was just shocked that he said that—that he cussed at me and that he was offering me money. It was outrageous,” Lauren continued. “I just remember thinking, ‘I need to go, and I need to not be here anymore.’”

A political consultant who worked in the Capitol, identified as Margaret, claims to have been sexually harassed by both men.

Margaret alleges that Miles “touched her hip, and complimented her breasts.”

However, four years before being sexually harassed by Miles, Margaret claims that Uresti harassed her multiple times — calling him “one of the worst.”

Uresti allegedly stopped her and said, “I can tell you’re wearing a thong, is it polka-dots to match your dress?”

“I remember being horrified,” Margaret recalled. “I don’t remember if I said ‘No’ or ‘It’s none of your business,’ but I ran up the stairs. … It was really scary and really uncomfortable.”

“[Uresti] was one of the worst,” Margaret continued. “He would check me out all the time. … He gave me inappropriate hugs. He put his hands on me, he ogled me. I would not get in an elevator with him. If members were having dinner and he was going to be there, I stopped going.”

Now an “influential” political group in Texas is calling for the two Democrats to resign, The Texas Tribune reported.

Patsy Woods Martin, the executive director of Annie's List — which works to get female Democrats elected to public office in Texas — released the following statement after The Daily Beast published their report:

As we know all too well, men like Borris Miles and Carlos Uresti have been asserting themselves upon others without their permission for millenniums. What is new is that now we’re calling it out, taking these instances out of the shadows of shame and doubt that perpetrators, and their enablers, have foisted upon women.

Uresti issued the following statement in response to the sexual allegations made against him:

While the story ends that the people being interviewed for this story "asked not to be named," such un-sourced accusations, without specific information as to time, place or alleged accuser, prevents me from being able to defend myself from completely unfounded innuendo.

I know that sexual harassment has no place in the Capitol or in any other workplace. I believe the recent media exposure of improper conduct in the workplace with respect to media executives, news personalities and Washington politicians is both proper and constructive. ... In this vein, I will be joining my colleagues to implement a comprehensive sexual harassment policy and trainings in the Texas Senate as soon as possible.

Miles issued the following statement in response to the sexual allegations made against him:

I have had the privilege of representing the constituents of District 146 and Senate District 13 for over 10 years. Because I’ve shown myself to be an effective voice of the people, I have made powerful enemies who will go to any length to destroy and disrupt my service. I will not continue to address anonymous accusations that attack my personal and professional character as an effective lawmaker. Sexual harassment is a serious offense and I plan to join my colleagues in the Senate in developing policy that allows all people due process and assurances they may work effectively in a fair and safe environment,


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