VINDICATED: Santa Barbara Police Find 1993 Tape Of Corey Feldman Speaking Of Being Sexually Abused In Hollywood

There may have been those who thought former child actor Corey Feldman was making things up when he alleged he had informed detectives in Santa Barbara County in 1993 that he had been sexually abused by Hollywood pedophiles. Those doubts were stoked when the sheriff's office said they didn’t have any record of Feldman naming any suspects.

The doubters can now take a hike: The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office has acknowledged they have found an audio recording from 1993 in which Feldman told them about being abused.

Feldman has insisted for years that he told the detectives, but they weren’t interested; they were investigating pop star Michael Jackson for alleged child sexual abuse at Neverland Ranch.

The Sheriff’s office released a statement on Wednesday in which they wrote:

Following the recent inquiries into the Sheriff’s Office interview of Mr. Feldman in 1993, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office conducted an additional review for any stored items remaining from the Michael Jackson investigation. In a container which included the original reports from the (Jackson) investigation, the Sheriff’s Office located some detective working copies of audio recordings made during the investigation. A copy of Mr. Feldman’s interview was located. The recording is being turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department. … Due to the fact that this case involves the alleged sexual abuse of a child, we are unable to comment further and any documentation or evidence related to this case is exempt from release.

In November, Feldman, 46, told the LAPD, which said it was investigating Feldman's claims and then closed down its investigation, claiming an expiration in the statute of limitations. On Wednesday Feldman tweeted, "Time 2 reopen that case @LAPD I did report it within the statute, so now it should be now it should be admissible right?"

In October 2016, Feldman told People Magazine that the reason he had not named his accusers publicly was out of respect for Corey Haim’s mother, Judy; Haim died in 2010 at the age of 38. He said, “It has been very difficult for me to stay quiet, but as much as I would love for all of those sickos to be brought to justice, I’ve tried to be respectful of Judy’s wishes. I pray everyday before I go to bed and I ask God to give me the strength to deal with all of this. Those names will come out eventually.”

Speaking to Matt Lauer on the “Today” show in late October, Feldman said he already had given names to police when they interrogated him about Michael Jackson, who was a friend of his. He stated, “When you’re an 18-, 19-, 20-year-old kid, you try telling the police, which is a very big thing to do, and especially when it wasn’t even my situation. I was just answering for a friend, so the fact that I found the courage to even throw it in there and hopefully get some support, and then they were like, sorry, and they just shut it down.”

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