The Incredible Hulk Plays Defense For Terrorism Again, Begs 'Isreal' For Restraint On Palestinian 'Day of Rage'

In the aftermath of President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, the Palestinian Authority — a longtime terror group, allied with fellow terror groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad — called for a “day of rage.” Now, if it’s a day ending in “y,” it’s a potential day of rage — a complete list of “days of rage” from the Palestinians is longer than the list of bad Nicholas Cage movies. Here are just a few from 2017: Palestinians declared a day of rage in April 2017 to support terrorist Palestinians who were on a hunger strike in prison (the hunger strike wasn’t even real, as video showed); Palestinians called for a day of rage during Trump’s visit to Israel in May; Palestinians participated in a day of rage in July 2017 after Israel installed metal detectors near the Temple Mount following a Palestinian terrorist attack; now they want their fourth round of rage this year alone.


But the latest three day rage festival from the Palestinians has now drawn the attention of world famous actor and Hulk CGI avatar Mark Ruffalo, who tweeted about “Isreal” (his spelling):

Ruffalo has a long history of anti-Israel propagandizing. Earlier this year, he retweeted noted insane person Max Blumenthal, who has accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing”; during the Gaza War, he claimed that Israel had blown up a hospital (Hamas was using it as a terror headquarters).

He then refused to acknowledge the fact that Hamas regularly uses human shields:

He also propagandized on behalf of Hamas after the terrorist group kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers:

Ruffalo’s solution to the Israeli-Arab solution, not coincidentally, is the same as Hamas’: one state, meaning the destruction of Israel wholesale.

Ruffalo’s a great actor. But as great actors repeatedly prove, their ability to read lines and interpret character gives them little insight into the real world and the nature of terroristic evil.


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