The members of a Jewish community in Western Germany are no longer wearing yarmulkes after being attacked multiple times by Muslims.

Jews in the city of Bochum are becoming increasingly afraid and concerned that they have to hide their Jewish identities over fears that they will be attacked, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told the newspaper on Tuesday that German authorities have a moral obligation to ensure that Jews are protected and not targeted by the Muslim community.

“Germans, more than any other people in Europe, should understand what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews,” Cooper said. “When I raised the issue brought to Germany by many Arab and Muslim immigrants with the German justice minister, I was told this issue would be dealt with in the context of the German authorities’ efforts to integrate newcomers into German life and values.”

A local news outlet in Bochum was the first to report that a representative of the small Jewish community said that they will no longer wear yarmulkes in public after reportedly being attacked by “Muslim youths.”

German journalist Esther Schapira, who is an expert in the field of modern antisemitism, tweeted her thoughts on what is happening in Germany.

“It is often the small [news] items, in which the scandal is hidden, which for most people is not a scandal: Antisemitism in everyday life,” Schapira wrote, according to The Post.