Trump Retweets Anti-Muslim Tweets From British Far-Right Group

On Wednesday, President Trump retweeted tweets from the vice-chairman of Britain's far right-wing British group, Britain First, that apparently showed Muslims doing horrific things, including pushing a teenage boy off the roof of a building and subsequently beating him to death, destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary, and one Muslim teenager beating up a blonde boy who was on crutches.

The video of Muslims pushing a boy off the roof was shot around 2012 in Egypt. Supporters of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood group threw the boy off the roof; the main suspect implicated in the incident was sentenced to death and executed a year later, according to CBS News' Khaled Wassef.

The video of the Muslim destroying the statue of the Virgin Mary was made in 2013, in Syria's Idlib province. A sharia law judge of the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front was the man destroying the statue; he stated that no one except Allah would be worshipped in the area.

The last example, though, in which a dark-haired teenager assaulted the blonde teenager, had nothing to do with Muslims at all, and was misrepresented by the Britain First vice-chairman Jayda Fransen; the attacker was a Dutch boy beating up another Dutch boy:

As CBS News reported, “Britain First made headlines in 2016 after Jo Cox, a member of parliament, was assassinated by a man who shouted out the fringe party's name during his attack. No ties to the actual organization were ever established.”

Cox’s husband responded to Trump’s retweets:

Trump received criticism from some of his erstwhile supporters:

Fransen, 31, is on bail facing charges of causing religiously aggravated harassment.

Paul Golding, the leader of Britain First, told Yahoo News UK that Trump retweeted Fransen’s tweets because Fransen had been arrested. He said:

Free speech is dead in this country. President Trump has seen the facts and this is the result. To retweet her three times consecutively shows he has heard about her plight and is disgusted by it. I think this information has made its way to the White House and the President is sharing his disgust about this Mickey Mouse nonsense stopping her free speech.

Britain First issued this tweet:


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