Louisiana Woman Uses Her Rifle To Ward Off Intruder

Didn't even have to fire weapon to cause a burglar to flee.

A woman in Louisiana was able to stop a burglar after pulling her gun and confronting the home intruder.

The female homeowner called law enforcement, reporting that she was holding the home invader at gunpoint with her own rifle after he broke into the home. The resident said Tommy Foster Jr., age 40, had broken in and was in her living room. Her name was not available to the public.

According to The New Star:

The victim told officers she was sleeping in the back room at her home and heard a loud bang. She said she grabbed her rifle, walked into the living room and saw Foster walking into the kitchen.

Foster allegedly told the homeowner, “They are going to kill me.” She used her rifle to hold him at gunpoint while she called local deputies. Foster fled through the same door he used to enter the home illegally; deputies found him in a black Ford truck on a nearby road while they were on their way to the scene of the break-in.

An affidavit says that Foster was likely using bath salts; a local ambulance cleared him before he was taken into custody. It took six deputies to restrain Foster after he began kicking two deputies in the chest and legs during transportation from the ambulance service to a unit vehicle. Foster was later booked at the Ouachita Correctional center on charges of resisting an officer, battery of a police officer and “simple burglary.”


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