Here's The 'Lesbian Couple' Starbucks Cup Cheered By LGBT Advocates

"Giving good starts with you."

LGBT advocates are cheering Starbucks' new holiday campaign which features what appears to be a lesbian couple in both a promotional video and its new line of holiday cups.

The promotional video for the new campaign ends with two women holding hands across a table and leaning toward each other in an intimate way:

Many LGBT advocates are celebrating the new campaign, including the British LGBT Awards which tweeted, "We're loving @Starbucks' new festive ad with a lesbian couple."

The "lesbian couple" theme may have been subtly incorporated into the cup as well, as pointed out by some observers:

When asked directly by BuzzFeed if the hand-holding couple on the cup was indeed supposed to be a lesbian couple, Starbucks wouldn't give a straight response (sorry), issuing only a generic statement about continuing to "embrace and welcome" everyone, specifically people of different backgrounds and religions:

Each year during the holidays we aim to bring our customers an experience that inspires the spirit of the season, and we will continue to embrace and welcome customers from all backgrounds and religions in our stores around the world.

However, Starbucks responded to Dowling's tweet in a way that suggests his "#lesbian couple" interpretation might be right, tweeting they were "happy you enjoy the new campaign, Rufus!"

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