Religion of peace alert! On New Year’s Eve, 1,000 young Muslim men targeted and assaulted dozens of German women during the evening’s festivities. “German authorities said on Tuesday that coordinated attacks in which young women were sexually harassed and robbed by hundreds of young men on New Year’s Eve in the western city of Cologne were unprecedented in scale and nature,” reports The New York Times. “The assault, which went largely unreported for days, set off a national outcry after the Cologne police described the attackers as young men ‘who appeared to have a North African or Arabic’ background, based on testimony from victims and witnesses. More than 90 people have filed legal complaints, the police said on Tuesday.”

Cologne’s police chief Wolfgang Albers described the shocking attack as "a completely new dimension of crime.”

According to the BBC, several women were also targeted in the German city of Hamburg. “But the Cologne assaults - near the city's iconic cathedral - were the most serious, German media report. At least one woman was raped, and many were groped. Most of the crimes reported to police were robberies. A volunteer policewoman was among those sexually molested.”

The attack was coordinated and planned. “Around 1,000 young men arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women,” adds the BBC.

As young and maladaptive Muslim men flood Germany, expect crimes and assaults against women to soar. The disturbing sexual warfare against the women over Cologne is just the tip of the iceberg. Coming from cultures and religious backgrounds that neither acknowledge or respect the human rights of women, hordes of misogynistic Muslim men, supposedly fleeing from the war-torn Middle East, have yet to accept European social norms.

Unfortunately, German authorities have failed to properly assimilate their young Muslim male migrants. Instead, the country’s leaders are shamelessly blaming the victim. Mayor of Cologne Henriette Reke has even issued “behaviour guidance” proposals, telling German women to dress “more modestly” or '”not go out alone.” In the game of Leftist Oppression Olympics, respect for Muslim "culture" tramples on feminist ideals.