Prager U: What’s The Truth About The First Thanksgiving?

"They were running toward holiness."

Thanksgiving, one of the most truly American holidays, is fast approaching. It is meant to be a time to express gratitude for all that you have. Friends, family, and a free country are common things to be thankful for every year.

However, the Left is trying to reinvent the holiday into a social justice warrior cause. In the new Prager University video, "What’s The Truth About The First Thanksgiving?," Michael Medved, author of The American Miracle, debunks the far-left revisionism.

"Food, football, and . . . oppression," he begins. "That’s what Thanksgiving has come to mean to many Americans."

Medved continues, "Back in 2007, Seattle public school officials made national news by describing the holiday as a 'time of mourning' and a 'bitter reminder of 500 years of betrayal.' This new narrative describes the Pilgrims as arrogant oppressors who fled persecution only to become persecutors themselves, depriving Native Americans of their land and their lives. But this is wrong on every count."

Medved discusses how the Pilgrims fled religious oppression in England to Holland, where they were allowed to live in peace. But out of a desire to build a thriving society based around the pursuit of righteousness, they eventually left the Netherlands and set sail for a new world.

"That’s why they risked their dangerous 1620 voyage to a wilderness continent: not because they were running from oppression, but because they were running toward holiness — fulfilling a fateful mission to build an ideal Christian commonwealth," Medved says.

Watch the video below:

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