BIG NEWS: 'Daily Wire' No. 8 For Facebook Engagements, Ahead Of 'WaPo' And 'Buzzfeed'

Over 18 million engagements

According to NewsWhip, The Daily Wire earned the number eight spot in Facebook engagements for publishers in October 2017, ahead of major sites like Buzzfeed, Breitbart News, and The Washington Post.

Number one on the list of Facebook engagement for publishers in October 2017 was Fox News with over 30 million engagements.

"Partisan US politics sites continue to grow in popularity on Facebook, with two new sites in particular, The Daily Wire (conservative) and VerifiedPolitics (liberal) making gains," reports NewsWhip.

Data obtained from NewsWhip Analytics did not include native content such as Facebook Live videos and images. The results were solely based on total interactions (likes, comments, shares, and reactions) on articles published in October:

The Fox News data included content from local affiliates like (Cleveland) as well as Fox Business, though the bulk of engagements (30.9 million) stemmed from the flagship site.

"In October, the most engaged Fox stories on Facebook were all different but were tied to political themes generally," reports NewsWhip. "By far the most engaging story was a report about how CBS had fired a staff member over comments about the Las Vegas shooting. That story ended up with 1.68 million engagements. After that, there came a story about the Mike Pence and the NFL."

The site Bored Panda stands second in line behind Fox News at 29.8 million interactions. NewsWhip attributed their success to the "focus on light-hearted viral content and a seemingly extensive range of partnership network of pages targeting similar audiences."

The big takeaway is, of course, The Daily Wire in the No. 8 slot for an engagement total of over 18 million. NewsWhip noted that DW had an "extraordinarily high placement for a site that was scarcely seen in the rankings at the start of the year."

When it came to the average engagements per article, The Daily Wire actually came in at No. 2 just behind Bored Panda. For that, DW averaged 16,398 engagements per article, behind Bored Panda at 58,820.

The numbers reflect the volume of articles published by each site per month.

"Some, such as the Fox group and BBC, publish literally tens of thousands of pieces of content each month, meaning that their average engagement rate looks quite low." NewsWhip notes. "In reality, a fraction of their monthly stories makes up the bulk of their overall engagement. There are also large publishers that publish a lower amount of content (in the thousands), with higher averages, such as The New York Times and CNN."

Here are the top 25 rankings for October 2017 that put DW ahead of major publications such as WaPo, Breitbart News, Buzzfeed, The Hill, and The Guardian.


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