This coming Oscar-bait season, actress Meryl Streep will surely be receiving tons of accolades for her role in Steven Spielberg's left-wing propaganda film The Post, in which she plays America's first female publisher, Kay Graham of The Washington Post, in her quest to publish the infamous Pentagon Papers that detailed the United States' covert activities during the Vietnam conflict going all the way back to the Eisenhower administration.

If her speech at the Golden Globes did not already make you want to withhold buying another ticket to see Streep overact her way to yet another Oscar nomination, here are several glaring reasons to boycott Streep from this day forward:

Meryl Streep referred to alleged sexual predator Harvey Weinstein as "God." When the allegations first broke that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein led an openly secret legacy of sexually assaulting, possibly even raping, scores of young actresses, Streep, who worked with Weinstein on August: Osage County and The Iron Lady, claimed total ignorance of his behavior.

"Not everybody knew," said Streep. "Harvey supported the work fiercely, was exasperating but respectful with me in our working relationship, and with many others with whom he worked professionally. I didn’t know about these other offenses."

Understandable that Streep would take this line; it's not exactly kosher to once have jokingly referred to an alleged sexual predator as "God" and then go on to admit you knew about his behavior after the fact. Nevertheless, it would have been best if Streep had waited several more days to tailor her statement so that it could better correspond with the overwhelming evidence detailing that Harvey Weinstein's behavior was such an "open secret" that Seth MacFarlane could crack jokes about it to the tune of celebrity laughter. As screenwriter Scott Rosenberg so eloquently put it: "everybody f–cking knew." Quentin Tarantino had enough integrity to admit it. So did Matt Damon and Ben Affleck . . . after their initial denials were shot full of holes.

Despite all this insider knowledge that Harvey Weinstein behaved like Jabba the Hutt behind closed doors, Meryl Streep expects everyone to believe that she just somehow never caught wind of it. Either Meryl Streep is a blind fool (she may be, but not that freaking blind) or playing us for a bunch of Blue Fairies to her Pinocchio. My money's on the latter. Therefore . . .


Meryl Streep celebrated admitted child rapist Roman Polanski. Streep can always claim ignorance regarding Weinstein's behavior toward women, but when it comes to her unrequited affection for admitted child rapist Roman Polanski, Streep has no such defense.

Upon his winning the Oscar of Best Director for 2002's The Pianist, Streep publicly celebrated the sexual predator with an uproarious standing ovation, despite having full-knowledge of the fact he drugged a 13-year-old girl with Quaaludes and sodomized her before fleeing to Europe as a fugitive of justice. Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, several more women have come forward with claims that Polanski molested them at ages as young as 10. Streep, and all of Hollywood for that matter, have never apologized for celebrating a known sexual predator. Therefore . . .


Meryl Streep unapologetically supports Planned Parenthood. Earlier this year, as Planned Parenthood celebrated 100 years of existence, Meryl Streep attended the gala where she presented the Champion of Change award to television producer Shonda Rhimes, whose show Scandal you might remember for featuring that grotesque "Silent Night" abortion episode. According to the Hollywood Reporter, among the many celebrities in attendance that night, Streep was seen enjoying the company of none other than her beloved deity Harvey Weinstein. No other option than to . . .


Meryl Streep is a virtue-signaling hypocrite of the worst kind. Here's the crux of the matter: the Harvey Weinstein scandal blew a lid off Hollywood's hypocrisy like never before. Now, instead of waving our fists in the air whenever someone like Streep filibusters the microphone to lecture us deplorables during the Golden Globes, we have the closest thing to a smoking gun we will ever have when calling out their duplicity. It's one thing for us to say, "You're a hypocrite for lecturing us about socialism from the comforts of your mansion" and quite another to press them on the irony of railing against patriarchy while harboring predators in their midst. Finally we know that all those suspicions we had festering in the dark annals of our conscience for all those years were not just the mad musings of a crackpot conspiracy theorist. We have a word for that: VINDICATED.

From Matt Damon to George Clooney to Ben Affleck to Quentin Tarantino, every A-list talent that paid Harvey Weinstein homage has felt heat in their reputations, and rightfully so. But Meryl Streep seems to think she can just play the ignorance card and waltz on into Oscar season with Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks at her side to collect her 21st Oscar nomination. If you still haven't figured out the definition of Covfefe, then Streep walking away from this scandal with zero repercussions is a big steaming pile of it. She must be held accountable and that's why we must shout across the Twitterverse . . .