CNN's token "Republican" Ana Navarro has spewed far too many hyperbolic, idiotic and patently false anti-Trump criticisms for us to accurately rank them based on stupidity, but Friday's racially-charged anti-Trump hot-take lands in at least the top five.

Navarro claimed that she's actually black because black people don't like President Trump and neither does she.

Nope, we're not kidding.

"ZERO% African-Americans support Trump in polls, I knew I had to be black," wrote Navarro via Twitter. "Took [] test. So excited. 4% black! Explains a lot."

For good measure, the CNN contributor added a #Sistah hashtag.

First of all, the claim that Navarro is making about Trump having zero support from black Americans doesn't jive with a recent Zogby poll, which found Trump's approval among blacks up from July:

"Trump's numbers improve significantly among young African American voters, 42% approve and 53% disapprove. This number is up significantly since our last oversample in July; at that time 33% approved and 57% disapproved."

Moreover, this commentary is bizarre at best. Navarro, who clearly leans left though she purports to be on the political right, is constantly railing against Trump for being racially insensitive and grouping people together based on their ethnicity or skin color.

Additionally, why the racial "sistah" hashtag? Could you imagine if a white man tweeted this out? How would one Ana Navarro react?

You know the answer to this.

Crazy Ana has learned how to advance her brand by being over-the-top anti-Trump and deepening the racial and gender divide, and there's no turning back now.