HORRIFYING: Spacey Quasi-Admits Molesting 14-Year-Old, Comes Out As Gay. Media Cheer Him Coming Out.

How repulsive are many mainstream media outlets?

When A-list, two-time Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey was accused of sexually assaulting a then-14-year-old boy, actor Anthony Rapp, by allegedly carrying him to a bed and then climbing on top of him, Spacey responded by implicitly acknowledging the charges, then blaming his drunkenness and claiming that he has chosen to live as a gay man. Here’s Spacey’s full statement:

This is the so-called Jim McGreevey defense. McGreevey, of course, was the governor of New Jersey from 2002 to 2004, until news broke that McGreevey had sexually harassed one of his staffers. In order to obfuscate the charges, McGreevey announced that he was gay — even though he was twice-married with children. The media treated him as a hero.

Now, Spacey is getting the same treatment — after acknowledging he might have molested a 14-year-old boy. If only Roman Polanski had chosen the sex of his victim to fall more in line with leftist sensibilities.

Here’s the headline from Reuters: “Actor Kevin Spacey declares he lives life as a gay man.”

Here’s the headline from ABC News: “‘I choose to live as a gay man’: Kevin Spacey comes out in emotional tweet.”

Now, to be fair, many media outlets are reporting both facts: Spacey’s coming out (which was an open secret in Hollywood for literally decades) and Spacey’s alleged molestation (which was sort of an open secret in Hollywood for decades, too — so much so that Family Guy mocked it years ago).

But the fact that Spacey’s “coming out” is treated with any modicum of respect as a response to pedophilia allegations is fully insane — and demonstrative of the special status accorded to sexual minorities by the leftist media. Ironically, the people most harmed by that special status are now members of the LGBT community, who have been striving for decades to de-link public perception of homosexuality and pedophilia. Spacey just conflated them, and did so with obvious intent.

Spacey’s disgusting, no matter how you slice it. Media that cheer Spacey coming out in response to a pedophilia allegation are nearly as awful.


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