Someone at Vanity Fair really decided to phone it in and created a slideshow of pictures of Ivanka Trump, oldest daughter of the president, in what they deemed "inappropriate seats."

The first image is a picture of Ivanka with the president at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office (above). The caption reads, "her second desk." One has to wonder how the media and leftists would have responded if Vanity Fair had the same slideshow of the Obama girls or Chelsea Clinton during their years at the White House, on the campaign trail and beyond, slamming them for not being in their "appropriate" place.

The description for the slideshow series exclaims, "Putin’s chair in his Kremlin office? Impressive. The Resolute Desk in the Oval? Historic. To Merkel’s left and Trudeau’s good side and the G20 stage? That’s all any ambitious 35-year-old could dream of. But even at an early age, long before the White House was in view, Ivanka Trump knew the best seat—the one that would get her more in life than anything else—was closer to home."

In reference to a photo of Ivanka Trump pouring water at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, the caption reads, “Thirsty at the G20.” A further blurb notes, “Some 24 decades ago, America signed its Declaration of Independence to form a nation free of a monarchy. So it rubbed people the wrong way when the president's eldest daughter took her father's seat at the G20 this summer in Germany when alongside other world leaders. While it is common for heads of state to take breaks, typically their seats are warmed by people who do not share their D.N.A. Perhaps Rex Tillerson would have been a safer choice.”

The most outrageous stretch of an "inappropriate seat" though, is probably a photo the fashion magazine used of Ivanka sitting on father’s lap as a young girl. The caption says, "The Ultimate Chair."

Interesting that Vanity Fair seems anti-political monarchy in the United States considering they have heaped praise on Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea numerous times, including when they put the former first daughter on the cover of their "Power of Women" issue in April 2016. They've also written glowing pieces about Chelsea post-President Trump’s inauguration, including a piece titled, "Chelsea Clinton Continues Her Resistance to the Trump Administration."

Many conservatives, including myself, have wondered about the specific role that the first daughter is playing in the White House. She and her husband have long been confidants and advisors to the President. But we also asked the same question about Chelsea Clinton and her role at the Clinton Foundation, and what would have been her role had her mother been elected Commander in Chief.

One has to wonder if this were any other woman in a position of power how Vanity Fair and the mainstream media would react. Me thinks the ladies of The View etc. would shout giddily, "Get it girl!"