A bodybuilder who was born color-blind was able to see color for the first time when his family surprised him on his 66th birthday with a pair of Enchroma glasses, which enable the color-blind man to see color via corrective lenses.

The tough man's wondrous reaction is enough to make anyone with tear ducts shed a few tears.

William Reed, the bodybuilder, was completely surprised by the birthday gift, unaware what the glasses even were. But when he put on the corrective lenses, Reed began to cry with amazement of the colors surrounding him. His family, too, can be heard crying tears of joy.

"Doesn't look like mud," Reed joked through joyous tears.

After giving one of his family member's a hug, Reed continued to look at the nature around him, now in vivid colors he's never seen before. "This looks so weird," he said. "I haven't seen in forever."

The trees "don't even look real," he added. "Seriously, they look 3D."

"Dorothy," joked Reed, referencing The Wizard of Oz.

"It is like The Wizard of Oz, isn't it?" chimed in a family member. "You go black and white and then all of a sudden you see color. We're not in Kansas anymore, baby."