Dershowitz: Today It's Shapiro, Tomorrow It's The Rest Of Us

Harvard professors says Shapiro's speech is an important day in free speech history.

“Today, Ben Shapiro. Tomorrow, me, William Buckley, you,” said Alan Dershowitz to Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson during a Thursday interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Dershowitz joined Carlson to discuss Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro’s Thursday-scheduled speaking event at the University of California, Berkeley.

Dershowitz spoke of left-wing groups — presumably “AntiFa” and “Black Lives Matter” — using criminal violence, threats, and vandalism to shut down dissident events:

These folks don’t wanna hear an alternative point of view on American university campuses, and they’re prepared to use violence to stop this from happening. They are gonna start protesting teachers. This is really going to spread. This is a very serious problem and it has to be stopped now at Berkeley, the home of the free speech movement.

You can’t have “free speech for me but not for thee,” which is the way many Berkeley professors and students want it. Free speech for the left, but not for centrists, not for conservatives, not even for centrist liberals like me. If I were to speak at Berkeley, I would be the subject of protests. That’s how far this has gotten.

“Where are the old-fashioned liberals who used to defend freedom of speech?” asked Carlson, describing the left as contemporarily absent in defending free speech and expression. “They are silent in the face of this. Why?”

Watch the segment below.

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