WATCH: Antifa Pummels Portland Police With Smoke Bombs And Rocks At Rally

Demonstrators hurled projectiles at law enforcement protecting a "Rally and March Against White Nationalism"

Seven members of Antifa were arrested at a Portland rally yesterday, after "anti-fascist" protesters attacked police, hurling smoke bombs and projectiles at law enforcement who were there to protect the "Rally and March Against White Nationalism."

Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson had planned to hold a rally in Portland on Sunday, but moved the event to Vacouver, Washington instead, at the last minute, after the group got wind that Antifa was planning violence.

Antifa held their counter-protest against Joey's "fascism" anyway, and still got violent — only this time they attacked police and other, more peaceful, demonstrators. Police tried to confiscate as many potentially harmful items as possible before the protests, but Antifa still had plenty of surprises in store for the cops who were there to protect the marchers.

Two officers were treated for minor injuries. Seven members of the black-clad Antifa group were arrested. Portland Police took to Twitter to document their tussle with protesters, and to warn peaceful protesters to vacate the area, else they might be arrested alongside their more violent colleagues.

The mainstream media played off the incident as a "violent clash" between right-wing and left-wing protesters, creating the impression that a small group of Patriot Prayer supporters, who showed up at the Portland rally site even though the official Patriot Prayer group had moved its event, were just as violent as the Antifa protesters who attacked police.

It's not immediately clear whether the "right-wing" rabble-rousers were, indeed, white supremacists (Gibson, for his part, says he rejects the toxic ideology, as well as the alt-right in general) but what is clear is that not only were the right-wing protesters vastly outnumbered, but that police in Portland saw Antifa as the threat, not the Patriot Prayer group or its (official and unofficial) affiliates.


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