Leftist Editor: You Shouldn't Be Allowed To Even THINK Men Are Men And Women Are Women

The Thought Police are here, and they come with good intentions.

On Wednesday, The Federalist's Bethany Mandel penned a piece about the totalitarian-like Thought Police tactics of the Left when it comes to social issues like gay marriage and transgenderism. In the piece, aptly titled "How The Transgender Crusade Made Me Rethink My Support For Gay Marriage," Mandel explains that witnessing the Left's bullying tactics used against anyone who dares to suggest men are men and women are women or audaciously uses an "incorrect" pronoun, has made her reevaluate her support for gay marriage and reaffirmed her stance on transgenderism.

"My answer for those on the Left who ask me 'Why do you care what transgender individuals call themselves?' is simply this: because you have made me," concludes Mandel.

Unsurprisingly, LGBTQ Editor for Think Progress Zach Ford had a serious problem with all this free expression.

Perfectly illustrating Mandel's point about the bully tactics of the Left, Ford went after Mandel on Twitter, complaining that the conservative even had the nerve to think such "odious" things as the biological reality that men are men and women and women.

In fact, Ford thinks such thought dissent shouldn't even be allowed.

"What [Mandel] argues that she should be ALLOWED to believe what she believes, even though those odious beliefs harm others," wrote the gay activist.

Mirroring the ideology of violent Antifa losers, Ford suggests that there should be no tolerance for the intolerant; the intolerant of course being conservatives like Mandel, not leftists like him trying to police his opponents' thoughts.

Ford went on to lament "free speech" being used as a cover for "bigotry," which, again, is subjectively defined and, by the way, still covered under the First Amendment.

Chillingly, the activist even seemingly makes the case for coercion and the ripping away of freedoms for those nasty conservatives who dare to not echo back Ford's every opinion: "People who object to 'coercion' and 'loss of choice,' as anti-LGBTQ conservatives often do, are avoiding responsibility."

The screed by Ford goes as follows:

Quick question: If a gay activist doesn't call a person they disagree with bigoted, did the interaction ever really happen?

Anyway, as previously stated, Ford is merely proving Mandel's point with his little outburst: there is no tolerance for dissent, bully tactics will be deployed, and, yes, you will be made to care.

After receiving tremendous backlash online, Ford posted two additional tweets to his thread:

Yes, it's clearly Mandel who's silencing debate here, not the guy scolding her for her thoughts, advocating coercion against dissenters, and calling her a bigot.

Got it.

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