Over the weekend, as Hurricane Harvey battered Texas, President Trump took to Twitter to sound off on a wide variety of matters. Most of his tweets were about the fallout from the hurricane; several weren’t quite so on-point. He tweeted about his pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

He tweeted about Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s new book:

He tweeted about the Missouri Senate race:

He tweeted about his famed Trump Wall:

The press, naturally, seized on Trump’s tweets as evidence that Trump didn’t have his head in the game. Here were some of the headlines:

  • Huffington Post: As Hurricane Harvey’s Aftermath Slams Texas, Trump Tweets A Storm Of Self-Congratulations And Grievances
  • Yahoo News: President Trump Tweets About 2016 Election and Border Wall in the Midst of Hurricane Harvey
  • Deadline: Donald Trump Attacks Obama, Quotes Mother Theresa in Whiplash-Inducing Tweet Storm

Now, Trump’s tweets are obviously news — he’s the president. But the media seem to be particularly fascinated with the spectacle of Trump’s tweets in the midst of the hurricane. That’s because contrary to their expectations and hopes, Trump’s actually doing a fine job at handling the hurricane — if he weren’t, you’d already expect the media to be down his throat.

Some in the media are even admitting as much. CNN’s Juana Summers writes, “Trump is meeting (and tweeting) his Harvey moment,” explaining that Trump’s response could help him politically. Ed Rogers at The Washington Post also reported that Trump was doing well so far: “No one, perhaps aside from a few of the president’s most obstinant critics, have suggested that Trump is not on top of this.”

Here’s the fact: Trump’s doing fine with Hurricane Harvey. And that should put some people at ease regarding Trump’s capacity to handle a crisis — or at least a natural disaster.