Teen Vogue's Back To School List: Paper, Pens, VIBRATORS

Bad vibrations

The infamous Teen Vogue has been sending out some bad vibrations lately. Where's "Marky Mark" when you need him? On top of extolling the joys of anal sex, the magazine has now included an eclectic set of items, to say the least, on their back-to-school list, with vibrators being chief among them.

Encouraging teenage girls to "let off steam with zero risk of STIs," Teen Vogue included vibrators as part of their "Back to School Awards 2017: The Best Health and Wellness Products," which also recommended condoms and various lubricants.

For a cheap price of $8.69, the magazine invites girls to purchase the "Best Value Personal Massager" to help them de-stress on those days when the homework is getting them hot and heavy. Those with slightly more extravagant tastes looking for a "splurge" item are invited to purchase a "clitoral vibrator" that is "so good there's a wait list for it."

Mommy blogger The Activist Mommy excoriated the magazine's ongoing careless attitude toward their impressionable audience.

"Not once in the article does the outlet mention actually studying or aiming high in school," she wrote. "Instead, the article encourages kids to focus on having the 'right' sex toys, lube and condoms for the school year."

"It makes literally no sense unless one simply accepts that Teen Vogue is a truly satanic garbage rag whose editors want nothing more than to see children make poor decision[s] and head down the wrong path," she continued. "In case you didn’t know, this magazine is sick."

Another item included on their list was a sex education coloring book that "challenges heteronormative standards about getting down" through its "illustrated guides to talking about consent, relationships, beginnings, and ending."

The magazine came under heavy fire from activists back in July for encouraging teens to have anal sex as if it were just another casual sex act. When confronted with this, Teen Vogue's openly homosexual editorial director accused the article's detractors of homophobia. The article actually said the following: "I want to personally assure you that you will not poop on anyone during anal sex. Sure, there are horror stories, but aren't there always?"


Time for some "Good Vibrations." Take it away, Marky Mark ...

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