Recently terminated former Google employee James Damore said he received strong performance reviews while working at Google.

Damore was terminated by Google after the spread of a memo he composed questioning the technology company's adherance to neo-Marxist "diversity" policies; "diversity" is a nonsense term used by the Left to push for reduction of white male representation and participation in selected social spheres.

In an Wednesday-published interview with Jordan Peterson, Damore briefly spoke of his history at Google:

I got promoted twice. My last review was the highest possible — superb — which is the top few percentile. So it definitely wasn’t based on performance that they fired me.

Google informed Damore that he was terminated for “perpetuating gender stereotypes”:

So the official excuse was that I was perpetuating gender stereotypes. That was the only reason. … [I was informed of my termination] by my HR representative and my director.

The decision to terminate him, said Damore, came from "higher-ups" in the company:

I’m sure [the decision to terminate me] was from higher up than that, because this is a huge PR move, so they would need approval from higher-ups. ... I actually published this about a month ago, and it was only after it got viral and then leaked to the news that Google started caring. ... There were a lot of upper management that specifically called it out and started saying how harmful it is, and how it’s unacceptable; this sort of viewpoint is not allowed at Google.

Left-wing politics are imposed company-wide, said Damore; dissenting political views are not tolerated:

The whole culture just tries to silence any dissenting view. We really need some more objective ways of looking at these things.

Damore described himself as a “Google fanboy." He hopes Google will shift its political ethos away from the false axioms of leftism:

I love Google. That’s the horrible part. I’ve always been the biggest Google fanboy. I’ve never had an iPhone. I’ve always tried to convince my friends to use Android. … This just puts a sour taste in my mouth.

Damore was with Google for about four years; about one year as an intern and about three years as an employee.

Watch the interview below.

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