Wife Of Jailed Hacktivist Claims FBI Is Threatening Her To Take Down YouTube Video

"It's a thinly veiled threat, typical Obama-style weaponized DOJ intimidation."

The wife of jailed hacktivist Martin Gottesfeld, Dana Gottesfeld, is claiming that the FBI is threatening to force her to take down an audio clip on YouTube.

Martin Gottesfeld is currently in jail for using hacking as a means to raise awareness to the plight of teenage girl Justina Pelletier, who was taken away from her parents by the Boston Children's Hospital because they claimed that she didn't have mitochondrial disease, insisting instead that she had mental health issues. She resided in the hospital and Wayside Youth and Family Support Network under horrific conditions, the family claims, so Gottesfeld hacked their websites in response to their actions to highlight what was going on.

The YouTube audio clip in question is of an FBI special agent admitting that they didn't investigate what was done to Justina:

Gottesfeld told The Daily Wire in an email that she was told by her husband's attorney that the prosecutors might be going after her for posting the clip because it's illegal for a private citizen to record in a federal courthouse. Christina Sterling, the spokesperson to the Boston U.S. Attorney's office, told The Daily Wire in an email that the prosecutors are indeed planning on bringing up the audio clip in court for violating those rules.

But Gottesfeld claims that she received the audio clip through the court reporter supervisor, a claim she substantiated by sending The Daily Wire an email exchange between her and the court reporter supervisor.

When pressed by The Daily Wire as to how Gottesfeld violated the rules by receiving the audio from the court reporter supervisor, Sterling simply responded: "The court will have to make that determination."

Gottesfeld claimed that the Boston FBI first raised the issue, and that "the Obama holdovers at the Boston U.S. Attorney's office are the mouth piece for his holdovers still at the Boston FBI."

"It's a thinly veiled threat, typical Obama-style weaponized DOJ intimidation," Gottesfeld wrote to The Daily Wire. "Back when they were initially investigating Marty, they also went out to my parent's home in Los Angeles to intimidate them, all typical J. Edgar Hoover-esque intimidation methods to control and silence."

Martin Gottesfeld sent the following statement, which was also shared with The Daily Wire:

The Boston FBI and U.S. Attorney's office under President Obama allowed Justina Pelletier to be tortured and maimed by their Harvard affiliated political allies at Boston Children's Hospital. Then, they sought vengeance on behalf of those allies by bringing a case against me to a judge also closely aligned with the hospital. Now, with their corruption imploding around them, they have taken to threatening my wife in a vain attempt to suppress the truth. I implore the public not to let them succeed and ask the new administration to please end this travesty by instead investigating the torture of Justina. Please go to FreeMartyG.com for more information.

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