Following disgraced NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick's release from the San Francisco 49ers, he has had trouble finding a new team to bring him on board. While many claim that his highly-publicized protests during the National Anthem contributed to his unemployment, many insist that his poor performances as a quarterback are enough reason for why teams like the Baltimore Ravens do not seem interested in signing him.

Many commentators and former NFL players, including future NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, have been critical of Kaepernick. Lewis posted a video on Twitter calling for Kaepernick to keep his activism private since it will allow people to judge him based on his performance rather than his commentary. Watch the video below:

Lewis' commentary did not receive positive responses from many Kaepernick supporters, including his girlfriend Nessa Diab, a radio host with HOT97 in New York City. In response to Lewis, she tweeted the following:

She juxtaposed a picture of Ray Lewis hugging Baltimore Ravens' owner Steve Bisciotti next to a picture of a scene in "Django Unchained" where slave owner Calvin J. Candie (portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio) gets hugged by his "house negro" Stephen (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) after getting shot by Christoph Waltz's character. Thus, Ms. Diab implicitly compared Bisciotti to a slaver owner and Ray Lewis to a "house negro."

This is not the first time that radical leftists compare the NFL to a plantation, as the rabidly racist and anti-Semitic Nation of Islam made that argument in the past. Nevertheless, it demonstrates the viciousness of the Left toward people of color who do not kowtow to the demands of the social justice collective. They accuse people of color of being traitors to their community and they use disgusting terminology to make themselves feel morally superior.

It comes as no surprise that Kaepernick's girlfriend drew the same conclusion. After all, "woke" birds of a feather flock together, especially when it comes to race-baiting anti-Americanism.

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