BAD DAY: Scaramucci Duped By Prankster Pretending To Be Reince Priebus

Oh, poor Mooch.

Never before in the history of this great republic has a White House official so imploded — never. To bring the whole debacle into perspective, Anthony Scaramucci was fired two weeks before he was even supposed to start work in the West Wing!

And the man known as "The Mooch" went up in flames — not a dumpster fire or even a house fire, but the kind of blaze you get when a junkyard full of tires burns. He blazed onto the scene, tossed a kiss to the press corps after a colorful press conference, then went on a profanity-laced tirade with a reporter in which he hammered some of his soon-to-be co-workers.

In just 10 days, The Mooch was canned. But just when you think it couldn't get any worse, it does — a lot worse.

Over the weekend, Scary Moochy was duped by a prankster masquerading as former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, whose ouster Scaramucci had helped orchestrate — and whom he called a "paranoiac" (which we're pretty sure isn't even a word).

The fake Priebus emailed Scaramucci's official account using a account on Saturday, the day after Priebus' resignation was announced, CNN reported.

"I had promised myself I would leave my hands mud free," the prankster wrote as Priebus, "but after reading your tweet today which stated how; 'soon we will learn who in the media who has class, and who hasn't', has pushed me to this. That tweet was breathtakingly hypocritical, even for you. At no stage have you acted in a way that's even remotely classy, yet you believe that's the standard by which everyone should behave towards you? General Kelly will do a fine job. I'll even admit he will do a better job than me. But the way in which that transition has come about has been diabolical. And hurtful. I don't expect a reply."

But Scaramucci did indeed reply, saying "You know what you did. We all do. Even today. But rest assured we were prepared. A Man would apologize."

The fake Priebus wrote back: "I can't believe you are questioning my ethics! The so called 'Mooch', who can't even manage his first week in the White House without leaving upset in his wake. I have nothing to apologize for."

Then The Mooch went all literary in another reply. "Read Shakespeare. Particularly Othello. You are right there. My family is fine by the way and will thrive. I know what you did. No more replies from me."

CNN said the email prankster "tweets under the name @SINON_REBORN, where he posts his pranks, and describes himself as a 'lazy anarchist.'" The pranskter duped several other Trump officials — but none of them were in the midst of a career implosion like The Mooch.

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