The southside of Berkeley, CA, was recently hit by dozens of instances of anti-police and racist vandalism.

The vandalism specifically targeted white people and members of the force. Berkeleyside, a local Berkeley publication, reports that phrases such as “F**k White People,” “Class war” and “Kill cops” were spray-painted on cars, fences, and other private property around town.

Also included in the vandalism spree was the symbol for "anarchy" — the letter "A" in a circle — which has appeared in recent riots in the city.

In addition to the defacements, 17 vehicles had their tires slashed.

One tagging, possibly in response to another vandal who left a red anarchy symbol and a circled "E," read "F**k liberal scum" in black paint.

Approximately 35 instances of vandalism were reported in less than ten hours.

Berkeley Police Department spokesman, Sgt. Andrew Frankel, said, “It’s not uncommon to see a few in a week, but to see 30-plus in a 6 to 10-hour period, that’s significant.”

The BPD has labeled these instances of graffiti "hate crimes."

It is clear that the situation in Berkeley becomes more and more serious by the day. The Berkeley city council and the university administration need to take a stand. Their message should be unequivocal: The city of Berkeley will no longer allow anarchy to reign. But do they have the will to stand up to the radical Left? So far the answer is no.