ADORABLE: Anti-Capitalist Protesters In Germany Use iPhones Made By Multi-Billion Dollar Capitalist Company To Take Pictures Of Destructive Riot

As The Daily Wire reported, violent leftists have been clashing with riot police in Hamburg, Germany to protest against the G20 summit, an annual meeting that gathers world leaders and central bankers to discuss international monetary policy. While self-described anarchists and deranged leftists have long used the event to air any and all grievances about the world order, this year in particular was especially contentious given the zeitgeist of economic populism.

Since Thursday, nearly 200 police officers have been injured. Dozens of protesters have been arrested and millions of dollars’ worth of property has been destroyed, all in the name of anti-capitalism.

But what is a leftist anarcho-communist activist supposed to do when all the technology available to disseminate his message of violent revolution are products of the oppressive capitalist system? Simple! Use them anyway, because the mainstream media will never call out the Left’s (even the lunatic far-Left’s) glaring hypocrisy.

Take this young, bearded, black-clad Marxist-inspired buffoon below:

As his comrades light trash cans on fire and loot stores, he decides to mark the glorious occasion by taking a selfie with his iPhone. Marx would be proud, commie-bro. Way to show it to the bourgeois and use a product designed by engineers in Silicon Valley, manufactured in China, and exported to nearly every corner of the world, all thanks to an American company worth $750 billion.

With a stock price at nearly $144 a share, Apple Inc. isn’t exactly a company that a devout anti-capitalist should be promoting.

But unfortunately for commie-bro, his ragtag team of Marxists have to rely on those big bad capitalists to spread the Communist Manifesto.

From the iPhone they use to snap pictures and take video, to internet service providers they use to obtain online access to the social media platform they use to post their ridiculous rants, the anti-capitalist freak show can’t seem to live without the fruits of capitalism’s splendor.


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