Trump SLAPS Mika Brzezinski On Twitter: 'She Was Bleeding Badly From A Face-Lift'

On Thursday morning, obviously upset at media coverage from former MSNBC quasi-allies Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, President Trump vented his spleen at both of them on Twitter:

Naturally, this prompted paroxysms of ecstasy for some on the right, for whom any attack – even a mentally deficient fifth-grade-level jibe about a bleeding face-lift – is catnip. Which is somewhat understandable, given the left’s addiction to the alleged humor of hatchet artists like Samantha Bee.

Both Bee and Trump channel the untrammeled id of their respective political bases. The difference, of course, is that Trump is the president of the United States – a title that used to go along with a certain degree of dignity, at least in theory. At least most Americans had the sense to be disgusted when a president behaved boorishly in the past. Today, partisans celebrate boorish activity so long as it smacks the other side.

Never mind that not a single American will be persuaded as to Trump’s stability or the correctness of his positions by such tweets. The important thing is BUTHEFIGHTSMAGAMAGAMAGA!

The White House is defending Trump's routine this way:

It’s worthwhile noting that if you would like a border wall, Obamacare repeal, tax reform…this doesn’t help in any way. Unlike Trump’s attacks on the credibility of CNN, which are based in evidence of CNN’s own misbehavior and bias, this latest slap is just petty and silly and ridiculous. It actually lends credibility to Trump’s political enemies.

Trump is in the midst of the most important legislative fight of his young presidency – the fight over Obamacare repeal. Trump needs to be able to use his leverage and popularity to push wavering senators. Now we will be dragged into a week-long sideshow about whether it’s sexist to attack a woman’s face lift for no reason other than political disagreement (hint: Trump would say the same about a dude).

So yay, Trump was mean to Mika Brzezinski!

Or perhaps Trump should work on his presidenting as opposed to his insult comedy.


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