Delta Airlines, Bank of America End Sponsorship Of Trump Assassination Play — Many Companies Stand Firm

Every night, between May 23 and June 18, The Public Theater proudly presents a Shakespeare In the Park production of Julius Caesar, which depicts the ghoulish and bloody assassination of President Donald J. Trump. Yes, that is correct, in a world where an obscure rodeo clown is personally and professionally destroyed for wearing an Obama mask, every night in New York's Central Park, this happens …

And it happens in large part thanks to corporate sponsorship.

No joke, some of America's largest corporations fund the nightly assassination of the American president. In a couple of instances, I should use the past tense "funded," because in apparent disgust over having no idea that this production of Julius Caesar was really a production of Death Wish for Sore Loser Progressives, Bank of America and Delta Airlines have finally announced the end of their sponsorship:

And yet, days and days and days after the news publicly broke about the objectively despicable contents of this production, a whole lot of corporate sponsors are standing firm, this includes Time-Warner (parent company of CNN), New York Magazine, and, well, look for yourself:

Wasn't it just yesterday that the entire institution of the media used usual-usual crosshairs on a political map to blame former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for a massacre in Arizona? And need I add that the actual murderer never even saw Palin's map?

And now two media-related companies — CNN-owner Time-Warner and New York Magazine — are sponsoring, SPONSORING the staging of the brutal and bloody assassination of President Trump.

The media wants Trump dead, y'all (especially CNN); something I've been warning you about for months.

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