9 Dumbest Media Reactions To Comey's Testimony

All eyes have been on the testimony of the fired FBI director James Comey; his testimony does suggest some inappropriate behavior on the part of President Trump but it did nothing to confirm the Left's delusional fantasies that Trump obstructed justice and is some sort of secret KGB agent.

Nevertheless, there have been plenty of stupid reactions from the Left toward Comey's testimony. Here are the nine dumbest ones.

1. Sally Kohn somehow found a way to race-bait Comey's testimony.

Two responses:

  • Statistics prove that cops aren't murdering innocent black kids.
  • There has yet to be any evidence that Trump or members of his team broke the law.

2. CNN's alleged legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin thinks Trump obstructed justice.

His evidence:

There is only one way to respond to this:

Indeed, if the FBI investigations on Russia and Mike Flynn had been halted, then Toobin may have a point. But they weren't, so Toobin is just proving yet again why he's a leftist hack disguised as a legal analyst.

3. Matt Yglesias views Trump-Russia as the yugest scandal ever.

You just confessed your idiocy there Matt, because there is no evidence that Trump is guilty of any crime.

4. Writer Amy Sullivan takes a swipe at Mike Pence over his dinner rule.

There are some serious logical hoops to go through in order to draw an analogy between a one-on-one dinner between Trump and Comey and Pence's rule not to have dinner with any woman alone that isn't his wife.

5. The Daily Kos thinks that Comey confirmed the dossier alleging that Trump had sexual relations with Russian hookers. The reason: because Comey wouldn't comment on it.

That literally means nothing, as there was a lot that Comey refused to comment on publicly during the testimony. It still does not change the fact that there is nothing to collaborate the outlandish allegations made in that dossier. And Trump himself reportedly asked Comey to investigate that allegation so that it could be debunked.

6. Seth Meyers gave Trump the middle finger on camera in response to Comey's opening statement. The Huffington Post drooled over it here.

7. Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly described Comey's testimony as "dramatic" and "unnerving." That's the kind of language that's used to describe a horror movie; such hyperbole takes away from Trump's inappropriate actions that Comey laid out in his testimony.

8. New Republic editor Jeet Heer tried to draw a comparison between Trump and Bill Clinton and failed miserably.

There's just one problem with this tweet: it has been established that Clinton lied with his "sexual relations" statement. That has not been proven with the dossier's allegations that Trump was involved with Russian hookers.

9. Mother Jones' David Corn called the Comey testimony a "damning indictment" of Trump.

The only real indictment of Comey's testimony is how much the Left's hysteria over Trump is just that...hysteria.

To be fair, there are concerning aspects about Trump from Comey's statement. But as Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro explained, the Left's hyperbole over Trump-Russia has rendered the concerning aspects regarding Trump in Comey's testimony to be politically meaningless. The aforementioned nine reactions are just further proof of that.

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