Prager, Carolla Announce Campaign For 'No Safe Spaces' Documentary

Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla have launched a crowdfunding campaign for their No Safe Spaces documentary.

A video previewing the film features students attending the fictional "Utopia University," where they get to identify as whomever or whatever they want, "check their privilege," and punch any "fascist" who dares disagree with them. A professor explains that at Utopia students will be taught to think "the right way."

Eventually, Carolla pops up and states, "That doesn't even look like parody to me. You could run that after Don Lemon's show on CNN and it would just play as a commercial."

The documentary will feature Prager and Carolla traveling to various college campuses across the fruited plain to expose the lunacy of so-called safe spaces and conduct interviews with "students, professors, commentators and comedians from both sides of the political aisle about freedom of speech," per Townhall. The dynamic duo will also be featured in live shows.

Among the college campuses that Prager and Carolla travel to are California State University Northridge and University of California Berkeley.

A crowdfunding campaign for the movie can be found on the Indiegogo website, where they hope to reach a fundraising goal of $500,000. The campaign has raised $127,945 at the time of this writing.

"We’re not making this film to solve all of America’s problems, but we are making this film to wake the country up to the fact that we've become a place that’s no longer adult enough to discuss ideas," the Indiegogo page states. "And there’s no more dangerous place to talk about ideas than on college campuses."

The site also features various No Safe Spaces items to purchase, such as a No Safe Spaces coloring book, a t-shirt featuring the word "college" with a pacifier right underneath it and a "Utopian University" diploma. All it takes is $25 to receive a digital copy of the film.

The film is slated to be released in 2018, during either the spring or the summer.

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