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Scores Of Registered Voters Over 116 Years Old Found In Ohio’s 12th District, Report Claims

A new report alleges that there are scores of registered voters who are over 116 years old in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District, where Republican Troy Balderson is currently hanging onto a narrow lead over Democrat Danny O’Connor in Tuesday’s special election.

Eric Eggers, the research director at the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), reports that GAI accessed voter rolls in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District last August and found “170 registered voters listed as being over 116 years old [that] still existed on the [voter] rolls.”

Eggers notes that leftist billionaire and Democratic mega-donor George Soros pledged millions of dollars to fight against voter ID laws in Ohio before the 2016 elections.

While there is no indication that any fraudulent votes were cast in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District’s special election, it is important to note that Balderson’s narrow 1,564 vote lead highlights the importance of voter ID laws to protect the integrity of elections in the United States.

The Daily Wire reported on Wednesday that “twice as many ballots as the number of registered voters were cast in a northeastern Georgia precinct during the state’s primary elections in May.”

Last May, Ohio election officials referred more than 50 potential cases of voter fraud from the 2016 elections for further investigation or criminal prosecution, according to

An article by The Washington Times from January 2017 reported that political experts at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia conducted a national survey that estimated of the believed 20 million non-citizen adults living in the U.S., approximately 6.4% illegally voted in 2016, which equates to more than 1.2 million illegally cast votes.

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