Here's What Republicans Are Saying About Trump's 'Absurd' Muslim Ban

Donald Trump's headline-grabbing call for a "complete shutdown" of Muslims from entering the country "until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses" is being roundly condemned by Republican presidential candidates and other Republican leaders.

Within an hour of making his statement, Republican presidential candidates Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and John Kasich all publicly denounced his proposal, with Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz joining in soon thereafter. Former Vice President Dick Cheney also weighed in on the ban, which he said "goes against everything we stand for and believe in."

Carly Fiorina: "Unfortunately I think Donald Trump's over reaction is as dangerous as Obama's under reaction."

Jeb Bush: Trump's become "unhinged."

Marco Rubio: Trump's "offensive and outlandish statements will not bring Americans together."

"I disagree with Donald Trump's latest proposal," said Rubio. "His habit of making offensive and outlandish statements will not bring Americans together."

Chris Christie: "We do not endorse that type of activity nor should we."

Speaking with Michael Medved Monday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blasted Trump's ban as "the kind of thing people say when they have no experience and don't know what they're talking about."

"We do not endorse that type of activity nor should we," said Christie.

Lindsey Graham: Trump "has gone from making absurd comments to being downright dangerous with his bombastic rhetoric."

Ted Cruz: That is "not my policy."

Rather than focusing on condemning Trump's plan, Cruz has responded by making clear how different his own policy is from Trump's proposal.

"No, that is not my policy," Cruz told reporters Monday. "I believe the focus should focus on radical Islamic terrorism, and we need to be directly focused on threats to the United States. We need a commander in chief that perceives what the threat is and that targets all of our resources to protecting this nation against radical Islamic terrorism."

Cruz also told reporters that he doesn't think most Americans are "using language against Muslim Americans," saying, instead, "We're using language against radical Islamic terrorists."

John Kasich: "This is more of his outrageous divisiveness that characterizes his every breath..."

Dick Cheney: Trump's ban "goes against everything we stand for and believe in."

"I think this whole notion that somehow we can just say, ‘No more Muslims,’ and just ban a whole religion, goes against everything we stand for and believe in," former Vice President Dick Cheney said on the Hugh Hewitt Show on Monday. "I mean, religious freedom’s been a very important part of our history and where we — where it came from, a lot of people here — my ancestors got here because they were Puritans. Wasn’t anybody here then, when they came. It’s a mistaken notion."

Partly blaming the crisis on lack of leadership by the U.S. in Syria, Cheney went on to recommend the establishment a safe zone in Syria with "sufficient forces" and called for a tightening of the vetting process for refugees.

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