TIME's latest cover advances the left-wing and Democrat narrative of President Donald Trump as a Russian state agent of political subterfuge, depicting the White House being transformed into St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow's Red Square.

Toeing the narrative line in which 2016's presidential election is framed as compromised via "election hacking" executed by the Russian state at the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, TIME does little to differentiate itself from CNN, The New York Times, or BuzzFeed.

CNN's State of the Union, hosted by Jake Tapper, used similar images in advancing the this narrative. View graphics used last Sunday during Tapper's introductory monlogue below.

ABC's Good Morning America similarly advanced the narrative with graphics during co-host George Stephanopoulos's introductory monologue on Monday.

TIME, CNN, and ABC all present themselves as politically objective and non-partisan news media outlets.

H/T Doug P. at Twitchy.