Left Ecstatic As Traitor Chelsea Manning Reveals Brand New Photo — As A WOMAN!

On Wednesday, traitor to the United States Chelsea Manning was released from prison after President Obama decided to commute his sentence for leaking classified information to Wikileaks that likely got Americans killed. Manning served just seven years of his 35-year term.

Bradley Manning, you’ll recall, downloaded some 700,000 military documents while working as an intelligence analyst; he’d burn those documents onto a CD labeled “Lady Gaga,” then erase the music. Manning explained, “[I] listened and lip-synched to Lady Gaga’s Telephone while exfiltrating possibly the largest data spillage in American history.” As Amanda Prestigiacomo reported yesterday:

It remains unclear how many, if any Americans were killed due to the leaks. But Arizona Senator John McCain said in January of 2017 that he's confident the Taliban used the information and retaliated against those named. McCain told Fox News host Bill O'Reilly he felt "sorrow for the families of those individuals who identified in these leaks in Afghanistan that the Taliban went after and murdered. And rage because this president is basically endorsing a proposal that allows someone to go free who is responsible for the needless deaths of those people who are allies ... Let me be specific. The information I received when I was there was that the Taliban went after these people. I assume, killed them."

In 2013, Manning decided he was actually a woman, and went on a hunger strike in order to try to force the military to pay for gender-reassignment. In 2015, taxpayers began footing the bill for Manning’s delusions. Meanwhile, Manning became a leftist hero for coming out as his true self: Chelsea.

Now the Left is cheering for Manning as he releases a new photo of himself “as a woman”:

Vogue is now reportedly set to do a photo shoot with Manning.

This is just more evidence that intersectionality has destroyed the Left. Manning is a traitor, and his collusion with Wikileaks put Americans in harm’s way. But Manning is also a victim — not because of some miscarriage of justice, but because Manning is a member of the LGBT community and stands at the top of the hierarchy of victimhood established by the Left. Manning’s very status as a “transgender woman” means that Manning must be treated with kid gloves, and his crimes reprieved.

This is just one element in the Left’s worship for identity. We’ve also been told by the Left that black people cannot be racist, since they do not have the power to impose racism on others; we’ve been informed that riots are not riots but uprisings if their leaders say the riots are directed toward the “system.” We’ve been informed that men can say nothing about abortion, since women are victims of a patriarchal society.

But Manning takes the cake. We will now excuse virtually any crime so long as the perpetrator fulfills the identity standards of the Left. This means equality under the law is dead — and it means that we’ll all be forced to cheer Manning as a hero or be derided as intolerant bigots, even though he’s a villain suffering from severe mental illness.


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