Axios Reporter Sara Fischer Claims Fox News Ignored Comey Memo. That's Not True.

It goes without saying that the The New York Times report on former FBI Director James Comey's memorandum indicating that President Trump asked him to go easy on Mike Flynn created an earthquake in the media. The mainstream media went berserk, throwing out accusations of obstruction of justice while alt-media talked about intelligence community conspiracies to punish Trump for firing Comey. As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro wrote last night, both narratives could be true, false, or a mix of either or.

However, Sara Fischer of Axios wrote a story claiming that Fox News completely ignored the Comey memo.

Here is Fischer's evidence that Fox News did not cover the Comey memo:

In the 8 p.m. hour: Fox host Tucker Carlson discussed the Clinton Foundation, a tax provision in NY targeting Trump and a show cancellation, while Chris Hayes on MSNBC and Anderson Cooper on CNN focused almost exclusively on the Comey memo. At one point, NYC Councilman Corey Johnson told Tucker Carlson on his Trump NYC tax bill segment: "I'm just a lowly city council member. There's bigger news today than this."

In the 9 p.m. hour: Fox's Jesse Waters on "The Five" called the Comey revelations a "fake scandal," and Fox's Kim Guilfoyle suggested Comey may have made up the memo, while Rachel Maddow focused almost exclusively on the Comey scandal and CNN aired its exclusive with Sally Yates and focused on the Comey memo.

In the 10 p.m. hour: Sean Hannity opened with a graphic reading "Washington Post WRONG AGAIN," and called a CNN coverage of the Washington Post Russia report "fake news." MSNBC continued to nearly exclusively cover the Comey scandal while CNN featured a town hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. John Kasich where the Comey memo was discussed.

However, Fischer's article solely relies on three hours of coverage since The New York Times broke the story, purposefully ignoring other times. Low and behold, it does not take much research to discover that Fischer's article was incorrect. Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes summarizes it perfectly:

Here is Bret Baier's hour-long Special Report at 6 PM discussing the Comey memo:

Here is Baier reporting on the Comey memo at 11 PM last night:

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