Another 'Hate Crime' Meant To Paint Trump As Nazi Exposed As HOAX

Fresh off the presidential election this November, someone vandalized St. David's Episcopal Church in Indiana with a spray-painted gay slur, a swastika and the words '"Heil Trump." George Nathanial Stang, a 26-year-old organist employed by the church, found and reported the apparent hate crime. But it turns out that the man who "discovered" and reported the vandalism was actually the one who staged the hate crime.

Stang was upset that Trump won the presidency so he lashed out like a small child, building upon the Left's narrative that Trump supporters are racist and the Republican's win was, as CNN's Van Jones called it, a "white lash."

The 26-year-old admitted that he bought the black spray paint used for the vandalism at a local hardware store, says the Brown Country Prosecutor's Office. "He told police that he wanted to 'mobilize a movement' because he was disappointed in and fearful of the presidential election results," notes RTV 6.

Stang has been charged with the class A misdemeanor of criminal mischief. According to the office of the prosecutor, the 26-year-old's "intentions were not racially or religiously motivated," just political, apparently.

"This incident has been a blight on our small and diverse community, and I am proud of the hard work put forth by the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, especially Detective Brian Shrader and Sheriff Scott Southerland. It was truly a team effort involving many nights away from each of our families," said Theodore F. Adams, the Brown County prosecuting attorney, on Wednesday.

Since the stunning election of President Trump, there have been numerous reported "hate crimes" which have turned out to be politically-motivated hoaxes. Here's Daily Wire's John Nolte with a shortlist of such hoaxes:

The Muslim woman robbed of her hijab in Louisiana? Never happened.

The black woman racially-harassed at a Philadelphia gas station? Never happened.

The Asian student racially-taunted in Minnesota? Never happened.

The bisexual student receiving hate-notes in Chicago? Never happened.

The black church burned to the grown and defaced with "Vote Trump!" Committed by a black man.

Asian store firebombed by a white Trump supporter? Committed by a black man.

Michigan student told to remove her hijab or be lit on fire? Never happened.

Racist note left for Hispanic students in North Carolina? Written by a Trump-hating Hispanic.


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