One of the more irritating leftist tropes to emerge in the last year has been the rise of “Fearless Girl,” a hedge fund-sponsored bronze statue of a small girl standing defiantly before the Wall Street bull, which would presumably trample her to death if both figures were real. Now, Democratic politician after Democratic politician have come to pay homage to this bronze calf. First, it was New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, who criticized Wall Street – the same Wall Street that erected the annoyingly stupid icon.

Now, it’s Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who took a break from writing shrimp recipes for Native American cookbooks to demonstrate that she, too, cares about metal effigies erected by disproportionately male investment firms:

She persisted in irritating the rest of us.

Warren, of course, has been one of the lead Democratic voices in favor of so-called “pay equality” between men and women, ignoring all statistical evidence that the pay gap does not actually exist when all relevant factors are taken into account. Worth noting: Warren’s female staffers earned 71 percent less than her male staffers last year. Only one of Warren’s top staffers earning more than $100,000 was female.

But this is all virtue signaling, of course. The notion is that if you don’t stand in solidarity with a little girl against a giant bull, you must hate women and children. Somebody ought to inform Warren and other leftists that the little girl was once an unborn child, and Warren would then presumably stand with the bull.