Louis C.K. Reveals What An Intellectually Honest Pro-Abortion Argument Sounds Like In New Netflix Special

Only under the pretext of comedy can the most abhorrent things be said, and only comedians possess the ability to make the most abhorrent things downright hilarious.

It follows that there’s only one intellectually honest way that a pro-abortion argument can be made without having everyone finding the person who made the argument morally repulsive – using the guise of comedy. Louis C.K. does this and he does this hilariously.

In his new Netflix Special, 2017, Louis C.K. perfectly lays out the abortion dichotomy. He then goes on to (intentionally or not) play the role of an intellectually honest and philosophically consistent pro-abortion advocate with the ability to understand a pro-lifer’s point of view. In other words, he plays a fictional character.

I have to disclaim. I love Louis C.K. and I thought this opening bit was hilarious, so this isn’t a whack at him at all. I totally get that this was a comedy skit and that Louis himself is probably pro-choice in real life. He just happened to have demonstrated what an intellectually honest pro-abortion argument sounds like. So thanks, Lou.

In the opening minutes of his special, Louis begins by saying, “Abortion is either taking a shit, or killing a baby. It’s only one of those two things.”

Louis is exactly right. Either the premise that a fetus is a human being is true, or the premise that an unborn baby holds no more value than a bunch of cells is true. If the latter is true, aborting a fetus is as morally benign – if not as necessary an act – as releasing excrement from your body. It’s literally no different than taking a poo.

“Abortion is like taking a shit, exactly like taking a shit… Or… it isn’t!!!”

He goes on to talk about those who don’t understand why pro-life activists are so passionate about abortion.

“People hate abortion protestors! They think that {abortion protestors are} so shrill and awful. {What do you expect?} … They think that babies are being murdered! What are they supposed to be like, 'Uhhh I dunno. It’s not cool; I don’t wanna be a dick about it, though. I don’t wanna ruin their day as they murder several babies all the time.'”

Afterward, he risibly advocates on behalf of abortion after – what would be– an intellectually honest self-reflection.

“I don’t think it’s like killing a baby… I don’t… I mean … it’s a little bit – okay it’s a little bit like killing a baby. It’s a little bit like … it’s a hundred percent killing a baby! It is. It’s tooootallly killing a whole baby! BUT, I think that women should still be allowed to kill babies.” *Crowd erupts into laughter*

After facetiously mocking the crowd for celebrating the killing of babies, he then goes on to destroy the logic of “moderate” pro-abortion advocates. Centrists, as they like to refer to themselves.

“I just think it should be one or the other. You know, like when people say, “abortion should be legal, safe, and rare”…Why rare if it should be legal!? If it should be legal it should be like **makes a pooing sound into the mich**… It’s shitting. If it should be rare, then … it’s murdering babies!!”

Whether he meant to do this or not, Louis distilled the controversy surrounding abortion to its most fundamental elements. In doing so, he revealed the true moral underpinning supporting the case for abortion, namely, that women should be allowed to kill their babies.

You can watch most of the bit here.

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